15 Things College Grads Wish They Knew Before Getting to the “Real World”


The night of my college graduation, I found myself sobbing to my dad in a parking garage. Despite the tears running down my face, I had been extremely happy all day–graduation was by far one of my favorite college memories. But after I had changed out of my cap & gown, opened all my graduation gifts and put away my diploma, the overwhelming reality hit me like a ton of bricks: I’m not in college anymore & the real world is right around the corner. 

Graduating from college is pretty f*cking terrifying. Yes, it’s extremely happy and exciting, but there is this staggering realization that your life is suddenly a clean slate. Up until this point, you’ve had school to dictate your routine, yet now you’re being thrust into the unknown (literally) and have to make sense of it. And that’s really scary.

My transition from college to…

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Nickelodeon: An Investigation


I wrote an investigative piece on Hogwarts, the infamous wizarding school with many, many flaws. I mean the headmaster is murdered by a teacher, that’s literally insane. Also, if anyone claims I spoiled this, literally go read a book.

But I digress. As I accompanied my roommate on his grad school forced all nighter, we found ourselves left with old 90s Nicktoons for our only form of entertainment.

A positive note: the shows still hold up.
A negative note: they’re interesting for all the wrong reasons.

Like, did Arnold, from Hey Arnold, live in a halfway house? He totally lived in a halfway house didn’t he? The Google Machine tells me it’s an “inner city boarding house” which is actually just as sad. And then you remember he lives with his grandparents, one of which has severe dementia, because his parents died in a plane crash. Also worth mentioning that…

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Wanna Do Make Outs? – A Glimpse Beneath The Hook Up Culture at Villanova

It’s taken me four months but im finally doing it, I am writing the article on the hook up culture at Villanova. Before I go into any more detail I want to say Thank you to all 78 of you who filled out the survey and those who showed patience with me as I delayed writing this post. Without further ado let us begin.

Survey Demographics

Female – 59%

Male   – 38%

Where did the extra 3% go? I have no clue maybe they are confused on their gender identity but that’s a different topic

Grade Demographic

Freshman 1 1%
Sophomore 6 8%
Junior 17 22%
Senior 41 53%
Post-grad 11 14%

The best way to begin this is to figure out what we the subjects think the hook up culture is, here is a few of their responses:

“Get drunk, make out at the bars.”

“People just hook up (i.e. anywhere from making out to having sex) without having anything else involved. It can be between strangers, friends, more than friends, you just are not dating. Dating would involve more of a commitment which hooking up does not have.”

“Hook-up culture is the prioritization of immediate sexual gratification over long-term commitment with a singular partner. This leads to many different partners with a shorter time commitment.”

Okay so looking at that you can see  3 different levels of answers, if I am being real I think each one of this is an apt description but in order to make more judgements there are more questions to be answered.  

I also wanted to get a pulse of where we are as students, so I asked what are the Benefits of hooking up?

“You get to have a meaningful moment (or moments) with someone you’re into and show them that you’re interested in getting to know them on a more intimate level.”
“Sexual pleasure, DUH, with “no strings attached” no commitments and obligations that a relationship entails. When things aren’t complicated, it can be more fun too”
“Having fun, developing connecting with other person, feeling desired/wanted”

I also asked for some drawbacks

“When you hookup with friends, it can ruin really great friendships. What seems harmless & fun at the time can have disastrous consequences. It can also really fuck with a person’s self-esteem, guy or girl.”
“Feelings. One side caring the other not caring. There’s never any communication, too much gets lost or never said and people form their own ideas about what’s happening and what the other person wants and it might not even be true. I also think it’s so deflating. You’re getting closer to someone physically, but you stay miles away from them mentally because you’re “just a hookup”. I think the whole point of making out and whatever is to get closer to someone you want to be closer with because you want to be close to THEM, that PERSON. Not that body. Also, it creates a wide-spread culture of treating each other like objects, which is damaging to everyone and total bullshit.”

If we asked anyone above the age of 30, they would probably see something wrong with the hook up culture of college but I wanted to see what we the students thought of it. The results surprised me.

Is there anything wrong with hook up culture?

Let me explain my surprise, I think I just thought that vast majority of college kids would answer No and there was a strong majority but seeing 23 people say there is something wrong with it surprised me. I can see how the hook up culture has deteriorated the way boys and girls interact. It’s gotten to the point where I have heard multiple girls say its refreshing to find a guy who would be willing to take a girl out on a date..but i digress. Next Question.
I think that part of the issue/allure with the hook up culture in college and in general is the ambiguity of it? What does hooking up entail?  Conor Kelly writes in Sexism in practice, the ambiguity of the term, allows for it to mean whatever the listener defines the word as,which some people could see as an advantage but others as a disadvantage.  because it lends to the illusion that more or less could have happened than really did. Anyways back to the question

If a friend told me that they had “hooked up” the night before, I would assume that meant:

Kiss, no tongue 0 0%
Deep Kissing 14 18%
Kissing plus touching (clothes on) 26 33%
Kissing plus touching (clothes off) 25 32%
Oral 1 1%
Sexual Intercourse 10 13%
The wide disparity in the numbers is something to look at,  I don’t need to describe what each of these are but the majority of Villanova students surveyed think that hooking up in general is some form of making out whether just kissing or a little bit more. Anyways onto the next one.
Alcohol is the liquid of courage and the liquid that fuels hook ups. When asked about whether their first hook up at Villanova involved alcohol or not respondents said….

Was Alcohol Involved?

Yes 54 69%
No 22 28%
Can’t really say I am surprised by this either, we go out to the bars consistently looking for the chance to hook up with someone. It becomes a breeding ground for people on the prowl both sexes alike. With inhibitions down when drunk, hooks up tend to go on a lot. In fact im sure there is one happening right now.
Friends with benefits tends to be the most confusing  form of hooking up. For those who don’t know what FWB is, it’s the situation where two friends come to the agreement of hooking up with each other but keeping it strictly physical and putting emotions to the side. I feel that in most cases it rarely works out. I asked does FWB really exist and then asked for some elaboration.

Do “Friends with benefits” really exist?

Yes 37 47%
No 19 24%
Maybe 20 26%
Here’s what people said about FWB
“They can exist for a while, but one person will eventually feel jealousy and want more security of a relationship, thus ending the friends with benefits. We’re all horny, so we just say that it’s possible so people buy into it and we can enjoy try to enjoy the opportunity of getting laid with no other commitment.”
“If it didn’t exist, would the term really exist? No. A relationship is whatever the people in it label it as, not what other people think it is/can be”
“There is no benefit to having sex outside of marriage. The person doing it with you is certainly not a friend and neither are you if you are willing to defile your sexuality.”
“To me, this is what two people who are hooking up implies. If not, why don’t they just date each other? Because they can have the physical benefits of it without any extraneous commitments.”
There’s a lot to chew on here,  I picked out some highlights that stood out to me but the one common theme I saw from a lot of the answers was that FWB can only last for so long before someone develops feelings as well as its a way to relieve physical frustration without the commitment. However, something on a more personal note is I always separated FWB with someone who you are just hooking up with but the last answer asserts that they are pretty much one in the same.
The response to the question baffles me.

Would you ask someone you hooked up with on a date?

One of the most common critiques I have seen is the lack of people being taken on dates and the general disinterest in dates coming from both sides. However, according to this the spirit is willing to date it just seems the flesh is weak.
I asked a few questions that all culminated to this question, is there a pressure at Villanova to hook up and is there a pressure to date? 

Do you think there is a pressure to hook up at Villanova?

Yes 51 65%
No 25 32%

Do you think there is a pressure to be in a relationship at Villanova?

Yes 41 53%
No 35 45%

As you can see the majority of students feel the pressure to hook up,whether that’s justifiable or not is up to your own discretion and moral compass. The majority feel the pressure and that could lead to the actions we see every single weekend at the MLB (main line bars)
I also gave people a chance for some final thoughts and things to say
“My definition if hook up is different from most people. I’m not looking for intimacy at this point in life so there’s no need to pursue options that aren’t leading to the bedroom. I’d rather just be friends if that’s not going to happen.”
“Once again, Nova seems to be divided into two cultures: those looking for or in relationships and those who want to hookup. It can become very tough to navigate from hooking up to dating if you’re legitimately interested in your hook up. It invokes crossing the invisible boundary between those two cultures. I’ve personally seen a friend try to navigate a relationship from hookup to relationship and it’s thought because it’s often hard to read the other person. Do they want to stay in the realm of hookups or are they looking for a more committed relationship??”
“In my personal opinion, lack of communication exacerbates the cycle of “Hook up” culture. People start of saying they want a casual hookup, naturally it develops into more for one (or both) of them but they’re too afraid/embarrassed to admit that the hookup is no longer casual for them. So instead they say nothing, the hookup fizzles, & the cycle repeats. In order to lessen the impact of hook up culture, girls need to learn that guys can’t read your minds and guys need to understand that having a real life conversation about a hook-up/relationship doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship. That whole “I don’t want to define it” bullshit? Yeah that’s a cop-out and place holder for “I’m too scared to talk about it”
“My view on the hookup culture at Villanova is summarized by our patron saint. “Make me chaste, oh lord, but not yet.” -Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, 8:7.”
^  I love that last one
Welp this has been my little peek into the hook up culture here at Villanova, I thought about going through every question I asked but i realized a lot of them were getting to the same point I was trying to make and also realized I was tired and also I wanted to save some information for when I give a speech about this.
For all that are interested, I will actually be giving a presentation on this very topic at the Theology Colloquium on November 11th at 11:30 AM. The location is TBD probs Driscoll? idk I don’t know a lot but  I will go into a bit more detail there on the topic  and I’ll be able to speak  where I feel I am a bit more fluent. So come… or don’t come im not your boss.
– W
P.S. –  I also realize I will be posting this like post ticket party and like return from bars time, so if you are about to hook up with someone and this stops you… I am sorry.
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The Rat Race

So first off, sorry to all the people who have been waiting for my blog post about the hook up culture at Villanova. Things got busy and I got lazy but it’s still currently sitting at the top of my toolbar for me to create and I will do that sooner or later.

What I want to talk about is something that kind of goes along lines of why I haven’t written that blog post… We get busy, and forget appointments, birthdays and special moments. We stress out about everything on the agenda, we get so caught up with what we “have” to do that  we forget to take the time to stop and just take things in.  The ability to really stop and take things in is a change I’m starting to see in myself.

I don’t have a job yet but this year more than any year, i’m realizing just how blessed I am, but also realizing how stressed the people around me are, it seems like I see so many close friends and randos freaking out about every assignment or about the next big project that needs to be done and it pains me to see.

Maybe its the classes im taking, especially my sports and spirituality class and my entrepreneurial marketing class, but i see myself challenging the way I think and thinking deeper about my motivations, its given me more of a sense of who and what i hold value too. I feel a real spiritual change in myself this year and its weird and is something im still exploring, maybe not even a change but an awareness. I think im just more in tune with who I am… or at least I think so?

Anyways back to the point, Grades are important and so is school, there is a reason we pay 55k to go to college.  Performing well in school can set you up for success in life. What I feel is happening though, is that we aren’t looking around enough to truly see what we are surrounded by. I can’t speak for other colleges but at Villanova, i am surrounded by some of the best people I have and probably ever will meet in my life. I am always willing to forgo any homework in order to sit down with someone to talk about life and try and truly connect. The value and lessons I have and will learn from them are worth more than anything I could be taught in a text-book.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, take the time to get to know your fellow classmates on a deeper level, we have 4 years here at Villanova, my favorite place on the planet.

Perform well in school that’s def important and hopefully get a job, when you have to study then do so and stay on top of things. Strive for A’s, demand excellence be the best student you can be……………………..

……………..but when you can  PLEASE take a step back from the race and immerse yourself in the people around you. Your time with them is dwindling, make the most of every second. I feel the greatest waste of time here is to be so focused on success outside of Villanova that you don’t take the time to appreciate what you have here.

I think I just want people to see what they have around them and be more appreciative and take the time to realize that. This stretches further than just Lancaster avenue but also should apply to life.

For me, I know that if I do that I will find happiness in what ever endeavour I undertake. I know that for me with happiness comes success.

– The Rat race is waiting for you as soon as you get that diploma.

P.S. – I have so much more I want to say but can’t figure out how to convey it properly.

P.S.S – You may be reading this and realizing that this is you… now that you are aware, what will you do about it?

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The Campus Divide

So the reasoning for this article  is ridiculous but if you any of you have been on the app Umentioned, its shown a really ugly side of campus.  A side that is interesting to me, not because I take what they are saying seriously because I don’t.  Those thoughts are  hidden behind the wall of anonymity and I realize people will say anything when anonymous.

Regardless, I think its worth delving into.  I also realize I could be stepping on people’s toes with this article and some may not agree with what I have to say. I’ll preface this by saying, I mean no insult to anyone individually and I also have found myself guilty of this train of thought a few times.  ALSO the following is about to become VERY GENERALIZED ( not to offend any groups I leave off)

But into my general idea

If you were to group Villanova into general cliques just in the most simple of terms it would look something like this.

  • Athletics ( All D1 and club)
  • Greek Life ( IFC, NPC and Pan Hell)
  • Nationer (BK, Ambassadors, SpO, Orientation etc)
  • Service ( Break trips, I’m going to throw groups like Power and VEMS  in this cluster as well)
  • Performing Arts ( VMT, VSMT, Acapella etc)
  • Other Involvement ( I could break them up but that would take forever but Business clubs, human interest groups etc)
  • No Involvement

Disclaimer- If you guys think I left something off, please comment on the status and say what you think I left off.

There are a groups of students in every group, and that’s what I love about Villanova, I honestly believe there is a place for every student on campus to find a way to fit in. All you have to do is immerse yourself in clubs and activities and I think you could find a place. That’s not to say that there is not legitimacy to transferring from Nova, I myself flirted with the idea of transferring when things got tough for me academically  early on freshman year.  But I digress. Within each grouping, there are crossovers, you are not pigeonholed to participating in just one group. There are students who are Nationers/Athletes, Other/Performing Arts, or Greek life/ Service. These student’s have decided to get involved in multiple organization but as just as a fact of life, it is tough to split your time between two organizations perfectly.

As a result of that there are clubs that we let define ourselves more than others and I see no issue with that. It’s a sense of pride.  I have an overwhelming sense pride for being a part of the Orientation Program. There are people who pride themselves as being a part of Greek life or being a Break trip leader and there is no issue with that at all, in fact I love that. Put everything you have into what you are involved in… is that not why you got involved in the first place? Because you love participating in it?

However, something I’ve noticed as I’ve gained more leadership roles and also just as I’ve spent more time here at Villanova.  Is that there are students within each grouping who believe themselves to be better than the rest of the student body because of their involvement. I’ve seen it within clubs and societies that I am a part of; where because we wear a shirt that says XYZ, I am entitled to look down upon you because you don’t wear that shirt. I’ve also  seen it from people from other sections of campus that I am not a part of but i’ve felt like i’ve  been judged for choosing to get involved with what I have.  That attitude disgusts me.

Idk, maybe its a pride thing. It can be tough to get involved at Villanova and it could be due to that. Maybe the selection process for getting involved lends to the attitude. There are a lot of cuts and interview processes for more or less any society on campus and I understand why that’s necessary. Groups want to make sure they have the best representatives of themselves. However, just because you can represent a group “better” than another student does not make you any better than those other students.

That judgement takes away from the very accepting culture that Villanova is supposed reflect.

I guess what I want to see is more of a united front by students on campus. Regardless of whether you like Villanova or hate it. You are here and you should make the most of your time here. Make more of an effort to lift up others on campus, don’t judge a person because they aren’t doing what you are involved in.  Get to know a person for that very reason. There are an abundance of things you can learn from everyone’s on campus experience.

Running within your own circle and only that circle leads to the homogeneous stereotype that Villanova sometimes receives.  However, my thoughts on that are a different story.

I guess all in all what i’m trying to get at is. Get off your high horse. Define yourself how you want to be defined, but realize that we are all here at Nova for 4 years. Take the time to get to know people that don’t run in your circle. We aren’t better than one another based off of what we are involved in.

Once again, I want to state that this doesn’t target the majority of Villanova students, just the small minority that sometimes speaks louder than everyone else.

P.S. I hate the term Nationer


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Patrice Wilson is everything that is wrong AND right in America

In case you haven’t heard Patrice Wilson is back at it again. Who is Patrice Wilson? Well he is the mastermind behind music videos like




His videos are cringeworthy, lyrics are horrible, I feel his use of kids in his music video is border line pedophilia. The song Friday is one of the worst things I have ever endured. However, we give him exactly what he wants………hell I am doing it right now.

We talk about his videos, we watch his videos, we comment on his videos all the more making  the videos more viral  they becomea earning him more money and getting the little child stars their 5 minutes of fame.

Rebecca Black is worth 1.2 million dollars and that number will probably continue to grow

Patrice Wilson is a genius when you really think about it, in short his work can be considered a satire of music today. Listen to Miley Cyrus “We can’t stop” and Rebecca’s Black’s “Friday”. Neither of the songs are good but they are catchy and that’s all that is needed in order to make a “hit”. Patrice realizes that and exploits it perfectly.

When it comes down to it, if we stopped watching the videos they would go away but just like a car crash we just can’t turn away.

Until then Patrice Wilson will keep spitting out the garbage that we as a Americans love to consume and Patrice and the talentless child stars he produces will reap the benefits.

Ethical? Eh.

Effective Yes.

Keep on Trolling


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Silence All Doubters Beauty #5

It has been a while since I have done one of these but its time once again, to let the public know about a future wife of mine.

This weeks beauty is none other than.. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen and Mother of Dragons aka Emilia Clarke!


Emilia Clarke is known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO show ( and one of my favorite shows) Game of Thrones. I don’t know much about her as a brunette or what she does when shes not on “Thrones”. What I do know is that, in the show she is total boss and all men on the show and in real life swoon over her.  I mean look at her, snow white hair, liberator of slaves, has an army of  BAMF’s who fear nothing and did I mention she is the Mother of Dragons? DRAGONS?

In case you didn’t know this video can speak for itself.

Will she take the Iron Throne? or will Khal Drogo’s doppleganger be a distraction? We will find out in time.

Regardless, she’s pretty awesome.

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Villanova is Diverse?

The spirit moved me. It’s been a while since i’ve wrote one of my rambling pieces. I was sitting down in the exchange doing some FMR ( o joy) and this just kind of hit me. I’m pretty sure I can predict what kind of backlash I will get from this but i’ve never been one to back down from criticism.

Just for reference when I say you, I mean the people who don’t believe in the diversity of Villanova.

Villanova gets a bad rap for its lack of diversity, the term Vanillanova is thrown out a lot around these parts. I just want to defend my school. I want to say that it is not Vanillanova and that it actually is rich in diversity.

I guess I should define what I think diversity is in the first place. Its having people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Those backgrounds can be from ethnic, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or from the history you have with your parents and how you grew up.

If you think Villanova isn’t diverse take a deep look into the school and you will see that it is quite diverse. I am not asking to you to glean over the outside and count how many darker colored faces there are on campus, because admittedly there aren’t a lot. I think diversity is much more than that. Diversity is your families history, where you are from,  your individual upbringing. Each and every student and professor and staff member here has a story and none of those stories are the same.  If we took the time to stop being so self absorbed and just looked up and listened occasionally we would get a chance to hear those stories.  We have upwards of Six thousand students here at Villanova. If you mean to tell me that every single of their stories in the same then all I can do is shake my head at you.

I’m a black kid here at Villanova, I have white students who have stories that would make even the hardest of people cringe. Students who have strained relationships with their parents, kids who don’t have parents, kids who don’t want to go home because Villanova is their safe haven for them. All of these kids go through a struggle, just as we will have to at some point.

All I really want to point out is diversity is much more than just the color of your skin.

If all you are looking for is more darker skinned faces then you are just as superficial and silly as the people who judge you for being darker skinned.

Now before people get all crazy on me. By no means am I saying Villanova should stop admitting Black, Asian, Indian or Hispanic students. BY NO MEANS IS THAT WHAT I WANT YOU TAKE FROM THIS ARTICLE. BECAUSE I DO NOT AGREE WITH THAT ALL.  I am for having more students from different creeds here on campus but I think people should understand the difference between a lack of different races and a lack of diversity.

On the other hand, there are A LOT of students here at Villanova who need a culture shock  and need to see the world outside of the Villanova bubble. Some of them are my closest friends. There’s a lot that they could learn by just listening to some one else’s story.  Some students live perfectly in the Villanova bubble and have no desire to go outside of it. I mean that is fine, to each their own I guess.  I just don’t think that’s a way to live life anywhere. To anyone who identifies as a student who needs a culture shock. I’m not asking you to go out and try and collect all the Black, Asian and Hispanic friends you can find like we are Pokemon or something.  I’m asking you to step out your comfort zone and at least really really see what life is like for some people. How you do that is up to you but there is a train line into Philadelphia. One trip to the right part of Philly and I think that would be  at least a good start forward.

This a touchy subject and hell I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with how I feel but that’s exactly what it is, its how feel. This only a representation of what one kid from the 302 thinks and like the title of my blog says.

I am nothing more than a brother with a dream

– Sufficiently distracted from studying FMR

To anyone who reads this thinking what I know you are thinking. Trust me, I know who I am and I know where I came from.

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2012 to 2013

For those of you who know me in 2010 i started this thing where I come up with a mantra for the year. Something that I keep my focus on and that will motivate my through out the year.

Here are each of my mantras:

2010- Silence All Doubters – The name of this blog and the motivating statement in my life

2011 – G.R.I.N.D ( Get ready its a new day) – Taken from Asher Roth but its focus was to let me know that each day is a new day and to get up and grind through

2012- Let the rise continue –  I felt that the sky was the limit for myself and I wanted the rise to continue…

By the end of this eclectic blog post. I will know what my 2013 mantra will be.  

2012… what a year its been. I’ve grown, I’ve had my share of ups and downs… haven’t we all?  I’ve gained some new friends and lost touch with some. But I really have seen the rise continue and not due to my own merit. God has blessed me enough to be smart, to be at a great school and to not be dead yet. I thank him for that every chance I get. God willing hopefully my rise continues for the rest of my life.

2012.. I had some experiences, I have met people have had such a great impact on my life.  I had the best experience of my life in Orientation. Never have I had so much fun and felt so blessed at the same time.. I was truly apart of something bigger than just myself there.

2012 was a a solid year for me but for some others it was a horrible year . My thoughts and prayers go out to the 26 angels and their families shot and killed in Newtown, CT, to the victims  of the Aurora movie theater shooting, to the victims of the Chinese stabbing, to the people who have lost their jobs this year, to those who have lost a loved one due to cancer, gun violence, AIDS,  and to all those who just need someone to talk too.  My thought and prayers go out to you.

Anyone who needs some help or wants someone to talk too. Ff you ever need someone to talk to…I’m all ears. Never feel like you are alone in this world because someone will be here to listen.  Also, never fear to send out a helping hand because you have no idea how far those ripples will reverberate.  About a week ago,  I got in a sticky situation and a random man who was about 65 helped me out of it.  I never got a chance to thank him properly as he quickly walked away. Maybe he helped cause it was almost Christmas or maybe it was because he saw someone needed help. But in 2013 never fear to send out your hand, your ears or your heart to someone who needs some help.

I’m still young, I have a lot to learn.. but im looking forward it.. Like i’ve said before, I love a good challenge.

2013, set your self a resolution and stick to it. Its tough but take it one step at a time. Do not try tackle 2013 in one sitting but chip away at it.  2013 could be a great year or a horrible year. Who knows what chips will be dealt to you. You cannot help what happens to you sometimes. What you can do is look for the positive even when it is really dim.

2013 – Whether its a job, an internship, grades, getting in shape or a very special girl/boy. Go get it. Maybe its something more personal like having a better relationship with your parents.. work at it and go get it

2013 is a clean slate for you, it is a clean slate for me. Make the most of it. Live life have fun. Make a difference

2013… “Full Speed Ahead”

PSA- Drive safe y’all….please don’t drink and drive and find a good New Years kiss

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Make a Difference

So, this blog post would have been out a while ago, had my laptop not been commandeered for the last 5 hours by Africans…. but I digress. I really don’t have a lot to say. It’s Christmas and we all know what that means to different sects of people.Giving back to people, spending time with family, the birth of Christ or anything to that extent. All of those are good and nice but it’s not what I have to say.

I have one Christmas wish from everyone, make an actual difference to a stranger for at least one Christmas in your life.  Now what do I mean by make a difference? Well my good friend Mr. Chicity can explain that… ( PS he is hilarious watch his other videos)

I made a deal with myself that one day when i’m living on my own,  I am going to have a Christmas where giving back is the only thing I do.  All I want from each and every one of you is to give back to stranger in some fashion. I mean do something more than holding door  for them. We should all do what we are capable of doing. If you can give a grand then shoot give a grand to a stranger you think may really need it or if it is only 10 dollars then do that too.

You don’t have to record it, hell I’d prefer you not to record it but I do want you to do the action. Because it will make a difference to the person and a difference in your own life.

I have a lot to do to make a difference in lives, I promised myself when I was a junior in high school that I would impact people’s lives and I still hold onto that promise.  This is just one small thing that we all can do to boost moral on this little rock we call Earth.

– Merry Christmas Y’all or Happy Holidays.. whatever the PC jargon is these days.